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  • Jon Brawn
    General Sales Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hi everyone, my name is Jonathan Brawn and I am the General Sales Manager at Fredericton Hyundai. I'm a Fredericton boy, born and raised right here in town and it's where I choose to live, work and play today. I love our vibrant community, and all of the incredible people that make Fredericton home.
    I got my start in the automotive industry in 2012 as a Sales and Finance Consultant and then joined the Fredericton Hyundai team as Sales Manager in late 2013.  Before that, I had worked in the Funeral Industry for 6 years. Working for York Funeral Homes Ltd, gave me a wide range of skills but truly it taught me how valuable and precious life can really be.
    In my spare time, I enjoy playing hockey and am an avid Dallas Stars fan (Don't hold that against me) and spending time with my awesome partner, Chantel and our kids Camryn (age 4) and Jayden (14 months) and we are really excited to expand our family by one more in the new year!
    I love being part of the process in helping find my clients the right vehicle to suit their needs, from start to finish. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and make your buying experience easy. I look forward to serving you at Fredericton Hyundai, soon.

  • Jason Kelly
    Sales Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    My name is Jason Kelly and I am the Sales Manager here at Fredericton Hyundai.

    I started out in the car business here at Fredericton after spending nearly 15 years in the land of Hyundai, South Korea. During my time there I was able to cultivate a lifelong love for the brand and the amazing vehicles we make. Having owned Hyundais long before working for Hyundai shows my passion and commitment to our brand.

    I came back to Canada in 2013 with my wife Jeha and our two children, Anna(12) and Aiden(5). Although originally from Newfoundland, Fredericton is now my home and I can't think or a better place to be.

  • Steve Webster
    Financial Services Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hi, I'm Steve Webster. I joined the team at Fredericton Hyundai in Oct of 2015 and I have been involved in the automotive industry since 2011. I come from a a fitness background coming from General Managing over 6 different Fitness facilities including Nubody's and Goodlife right here in Fredericton.   

    I love giving back to my community, so much so that I was nominated and won the award from FRYPE for being Fredericton's youth volunteer of the year in 2013.  I truly believe that hard work and giving back to the community is the reason for my success.  I very much look forward to raising my son and daughter, Johnathan and Isabella along with my Fiancé, Victoria in the beautiful city of Fredericton.

  • Andrew Goyette
    Financial Services Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hi, I'm Andrew Goyette! I'm originally from Bathurst, New Brunswick,  I moved to Fredericton in 2000 to study at University of New Brunswick and I'm now proud to call Fredericton his home.  

    I first joined our Hyundai team in 2007 and now have over ten years in Automotive Sales Industry.  In 2014, I was awarded the Gold Level Manager Award from Hyundai Auto Canada for excellence in customer satisfaction and sales performance.  I'm a proud father and husband and outside of work, I am avid outdoors man, lifetime member of the Ruffed Grouse Society of Canada, professional musician and golfer with a handicap not worth mentioning.  

    I pride myself on being a true professional and I sincerely look forward to assisting all of our valued customers and to help them find the best way to purchase their next new or quality pre-owned vehicle.

  • Josh McIntyre
    Digital Media Manager

    Nice to meet you - my name is Josh McIntyre and I am the digital media manager here at Fredericton Hyundai. I was born here in Fredericton, and have since been fortunate enough to live in PEI, Newfoundland and even Romania.

    I am currently a 5th year student pursuing a major in Marketing from the University of New Brunswick, as well as a Media Arts & Culture minor. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to build a professional career around creating video production, which Fredericton Hyundai has enabled me to do.

    I am passionate about all things digital, and love being able to apply this passion to my work on a daily basis.

    Keep an eye out for my videos - and don't forget to like our social media channels! 

  • Sterling Peterson
    Vehicle Consultant
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    My name is Sterling Peterson and I am a vehicle consultant here at Fredericton Hyundai. Let me first of all thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you in person at our store.

    A little about myself; I grew up here in the great city of Fredericton, graduating from FHS in 1984. I have had a variety of different employment experiences over the past 30 plus years all of which have had one common denominator, that being working with the public both in sales and service. Since starting here at Fredericton Hyundai I have made a lot of new friends while helping them select the right vehicle for their transportation needs. I look forward to the future and continuing that tradition.

    I am married and my wife Leah and I have three children and are expecting our fourth; Garrett is 7, Duckie is 4, and our third, Lilyanna is 3. The fourth will be another boy and will arrive around the middle of January 2019.

    Away from work I am heavily involved in music and am privileged to have the position of worship leader at Life Tabernacle here in Fredericton. I am also a member of the New Brunswick Country Showcase.

    Drop by any time for a coffee, a chat and a test drive in one of our new or quality pre-owned vehicles. I look forward to meeting you!

  • Wesley Parsons
    Vehicle Consultant
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    My name is Wesley Parsons, Sales and Leasing consultant here at Fredericton Hyundai! Born in the village of Plaster Rock, I was raised to treat people with kindness, honesty and respect. As the saying goes, "you can take the boy out of the country but not the country out of the boy." The morals and values which I mentioned has made my career very successful. When a customer enters the dealership, I always ensure that they are greeted with a warm and friendly smile and an attitude that is guaranteed to leave you with a lasting impression. Who says that work cannot be fun!?! In the 3 years working here I've sold vehicles to customers from all over Canada, from walks of life, people who came into my office a complete stranger and left as a good friend. These friendships I've made are the highlight of my job. They say to be successful in sales you need to have a gift to gab which I have, but most important is the ability to listen.

    I've called Fredericton home for the last 20 years. My prior work experience includes; In-side Sales and Management in the Customer Contact Industry; providing work place training for people with physical and mental disabilities and a Funeral Director Assistant at York Funeral Home.

    In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, listening to music, golfing, fishing and keeping a close eye on my beloved UNB Reds men's hockey team but nothing is more important to me than spending time with my wife, Abigail; daughter, Aubree who is my pride and joy and last but not least our dog, Oliver.

  • James Kinney
    Sales Consultant
    506-450-0800 or Toll Free 866-980-3638

    My name is James Kinney and I'm a Sales and Leasing Consultant here at Fredericton Hyundai. I grew up in the village of McAdam and have lived most of my life here in New Brunswick.

    I'm new to the dealership but, I'm no stranger to the world of sales and customer service. For well over a decade I've been involved in many retail and service settings ranging from farmed food production and delivery to electronics and corporate IT support. I enjoy problem-solving and love the challenge of answering complex questions. I consistently strive to learn new things and am always on the lookout for better ways of doing anything and everything in both my personal and professional life.

    Like many businesses, this is a people driven business and there would be no business without you. My goal here at Fredericton Hyundai is not to sell you anything but, to help you discover your perfect vehicle solution and provide you with the best purchasing experience that I'm able to deliver.

    I look forward to meeting with you in person and hope to build long-lasting relationships for many years to come.

  • Troy Sheers
    Vehicle Consultant
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    G'Day my name is Troy Sheers I have lived in the Fredericton area for 14 years after moving here from Australia.  I married a Fredericton area girl and we have two young children. I have coached my children at soccer and rugby as I used to play rugby for the Fredericton Loyalists. I now enjoy less physical pursuits like fishing, camping and cycling. I am also involved with the Loyalist cricket club.

    I am one of the newest members of the sales team having been a paramedic for the last few years.  Prior to becoming a paramedic, I did carpentry for approximately 20 years here in Canada, England and Australia.  I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of putting people in not only the right car but one they will love for many years.

    So if you are in the market for a car I would be honoured to help you get the one that is perfect for you.

  • Brandon Pierce
    Sales Consultant

    My name is Brandon Pierce and I am a vehicle consultant with Fredericton Hyundai. I have just finished my school at St. Thomas University in Economics and Business and am looking forward to starting my career. I am originally from St. Andrews, New Brunswick. I enjoy spending a day on the golf course or outside adventuring. I look forward to meeting new people and helping them find the right vehicle for their needs, wants and lifestyle.

  • Joe Hunt
    Vehicle Consultant

     Hi there, my name is Joe Hunt and I am a Sales Consultant at Fredericton Hyundai.

    My family and I are lovers of Fredericton since becoming residents here in 2016. Though we're new comers from Ontario, our family's New Brunswick heritage goes back over a 100 years. For us, New Brunswick has always been down home. It's a privilege to be a resident of Fredericton and a part of the dedicated team at here at Fredericton Hyundai. Professionally, I have over 10 years in the automotive industry and look forward to serving you.

  • Paul Legere
    Vehicle Consultant

  • Marsha Hare
    Office Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Tammy McFadden
    Administrative Assistant
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Margaret vanOostwaard
    Accounting Clerk
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Samantha Kowalski
    Part-Time Receptionist / Service Department Customer Relations
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hey there, my name is Samantha Kowalski. I am a Customer Service Specialist here at Fredericton Hyundai in the Service Center.

    I'm originally from the Village of  Minto.  I've lived in Fredericton for 2 1/2 years now and I'm proud to call it my second home! 

    Before beginning at Hyundai, I attended Eastern College and took the Legal Administrative Specialist course. I did my field placement here at Fredericton Hyundai and my decision to stay was an easy one. It's a great environment to learn and grow, everyday I learn something new! 

    Outside of the office I enjoy being with family and friends and just enjoying what life has to offer!

    I look forward to conversing with you all in person, or on the phone. 

  • George Noble
    Service Manager
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hi, my name is George Noble. I'm Service Manager at Fredericton Hyundai.

    We'll do everything we can within our power to try to accommodate, to try to solve, and to try to rectify any concerns, problems with your car, and the way we do that is we listen to what the people are saying, and then we act upon that.

    We don't want to see anybody-- For instance, this weekend, I was at home mowing my lawn, I got a call on my cell phone, "George, I'm on my way to a wedding, "I'm in Nunedin, my car broke down."

    I left mowing my lawn, went to the customer, picked the customer up, brought them back here, put them in a loan car so they could go to the wedding. That's what people expect from Fredericton Hyundai.

    We have 10 technicians as well. They are all very good people. We have two diagnostic drivability guys. We have a couple of generals. We have three apprentices who are very good.

    We have one apprentice, in particular, that is a block 2, as of now, but his knowledge and his expertise is that of a block 3 or a block 4 years. They are very competent; they are very caring. And they work together as a team.

    Hi, I'm George Noble, Service Manager at Fredericton Hyundai, where you can expect the best.

  • Tyson Lutwick
    Shop Foreman
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Rikki-Lee King
    Service Advisor
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Tracee Godreau
    Parts Advisor
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

    Hello! My name is Tracee Godreau and I am a Parts Advisor here at Fredericton Hyundai. I first came to Fredericton Hyundai in September of 2015 as a Service Advisor. I would help customers out with their vehicle questions and concerns, and help provide them with proper maintenance for their vehicle. My role as a Service Advisor, helped me gain a background in the automotive industry and helped me move into the role as a Parts Advisor. I made the move to parts in February of 2018. Every day is a new learning experience and I enjoy helping customer find the right parts that are needed for their vehicle.

    When I am not working at Fredericton Hyundai, my time is spent with family and friends, enjoying life and making memories.

  • Julie Eldridge
    Warranty Clerk

  • Sandy Allan
    Appointment Co-ordinator
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Travis Gorman
    Parts Advisor
    (506) 450-0800 or Toll Free (866) 980-3638

  • Danial Kennedy
    Service Advisor

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