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Can You Drive Without an MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspection) Sticker in New Brunswick?

Can You Drive Without an MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspection) Sticker in New Brunswick?

Driving a vehicle in New Brunswick requires adherence to several legal standards, one of which includes having a valid Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI) sticker. This article explores the implications of driving without one, and why it's important to ensure your vehicle meets local laws.

Legal Requirements

In New Brunswick, the Motor Vehicle Act mandates that all registered vehicles must undergo periodic safety inspections. These are validated through an MVI sticker prominently displayed on the vehicle’s windshield.

Consequences of Driving Without an MVI Sticker

Ignoring this requirement can lead to several problems:


The immediate consequence of driving without a valid MVI sticker is a financial penalty. Fines can vary, but they significantly increase with repeated offenses.

Legal Actions

Further legal troubles can include citations and possibly having your vehicle impounded if it is deemed unsafe for the road or if you're a repeat offender.

Safety Risks

Beyond legal issues, driving a vehicle that hasn't been inspected increases the risk of mechanical failures that can lead to accidents, posing a danger to yourself and others on the road.

How to Obtain an MVI Sticker

Ensuring your vehicle has a valid inspection sticker is straightforward:

Where to Go

Numerous licensed garages throughout New Brunswick are authorized to perform vehicle inspections.

What's Inspected

Inspectors will check various systems and parts of your vehicle including brakes, lights, tires, and emissions controls to ensure everything operates within safety standards.


The cost of obtaining an MVI sticker can vary depending on the garage and any necessary repairs to meet inspection standards.

Preventing Issues

Staying ahead of inspection deadlines is the best way to avoid fines and legal issues.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your vehicle well-maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications. This not only helps it pass the inspection but also extends the life of your vehicle.

Timely Inspections

Schedule your vehicle inspections well before the current sticker expires to allow time for any repairs that may be necessary.

Legal Loopholes and Exceptions

There are few exceptions to the requirement for a valid MVI sticker, usually related to newly purchased vehicles or those temporarily brought into the province. Always check the latest provincial regulations to see if any exceptions apply to your situation.


Maintaining a valid MVI sticker is not just a legal formality—it's a critical component of vehicle safety in New Brunswick. Regular inspections help ensure that all vehicles on the road are safe and meet the required environmental and safety standards.


  1. What happens if you are caught without an MVI sticker?
    • You may be fined, and your vehicle could be subject to a safety inspection on the spot or even impounded.
  2. Can I get an MVI sticker at any garage?
    • Only garages licensed by the New Brunswick government can issue MVI stickers after a passing inspection.
  3. How long does an MVI sticker last?
    • MVI stickers are typically valid for one year but check the specific regulations as this can vary.
  4. **What should I do if my MVI sticker expires while
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I am out of the province?

  • If you know you will be out of the province when your MVI sticker expires, it is best to get an inspection done before you leave. If that's not possible, some provisions may allow for temporary extensions, but you should verify this with New Brunswick's Motor Vehicle Department.
  1. Is there a grace period for renewing an MVI sticker after it expires?
    • There is no official grace period in New Brunswick. You are expected to renew your MVI sticker by the expiry date shown on the sticker. Driving with an expired sticker may result in fines and penalties.

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